October 25th, 2003
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a day in the life…

I’ve just spent most of the morning responding to emails. It always seems that the morning has gone before I have accomplished anything. Yikes! There is invoicing and bookeeping to be done, and revisions to be made (after first perusing my favourite blogs). I have made myself a promise that if I get through all that, then I can work some more on “Hortence & Giles”.

I spent much of yesterday (Sunday) doing research for a new book (an activity book for a slightly younger audience of 9-12yr. olds). I love sitting cross-legged in the children’s section of a bookstore and eaves dropping on kids playing there. There was a four year old flipping through “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle (one of my personal favourites) and was ‘reading’ it from memory. The part he seemed to remember the most was when the Ladybug says repeatedly, “You wanna fight?” I sat giggling. Kids love this part, especially when he picks a fight with the whale. (It sounds rather violent I know, but there is a sense of satisfaction in the reader knowing that this Ladybug is too big for his britches. A little lesson in Karma.)
I finally got to see “Living Out Loud” for the first time in a store. It was a surreal experience, my immediate reaction was, “Oh, did I leave that there?” Then there was a real feeling of satisfaction at having achieved something that I set out to do, (four years ago it was just an entry on my “list” that said “write a book and get it published”.) The whole experience of becoming a ‘published’ author is something of a conundrum. There is a definite feeling of being disconnected from the book itself once it is released out into the world. It is no longer ‘the thing which i created’ but rather ‘the thing that is being sold’. This is not a negative observation per se, but an understanding of the two energies being completely seperate from each other. I am always a little surprised and elated when I receive an email from someone saying they have bought my book. A kind of “wow, I am reaching people that don’t know me”, how strange. I spose I should not be surprised by this, but since I am not in bookstores everyday I do not get to see people responding to it. I am grateful for every single email that comes in, (the ones from far away countries are even more surprising.)
Do you ever find something and get a little spark of electricity, almost a knowing that it is something special? I picked up a copy of Speck -A Curious Collection of Uncommon Things, by Peter Buchanan-Smith (of the Ganzfeld fame) and felt exactly that. It is such a hard book to explain. My favourite entries include Amy Unikewicz’s “Found Alphabet”, she spells out the alphabet with pieces of garbage, Adam Yates photographic series of “The Back Side of Paintings”, and Lauren Redniss’s drawings of things found at Grand Central Station.
Check out The Ganzfeld’s tribute to William Steig
She rocks my world.
I bought a new scarf from Andrea as a treat! It had to be fuschia for me.
Rumour has it that Somerset Studio Magazine has a write up on Living Out Loud!

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