January 7th, 2014
go on an adventure today

For many in our society life is pallid, dull, and insipid. Lacking any sense of adventure. How can we develop in our young the sense of wonder, of magical beauty in living and learning? A sense of excitement and eagerness to learn is natural in all children, yet we have found ways to stifle these enthusiasms in a very effective manner.

If we could be as efficient in supporting a child’s eagerness to learn as we have been in stifling this eagerness, this would revolutionize life as we know it.

This is one of the key questions pertaining to the improvement of human welfare: How can we build excitement and meaning into daily life? –Not with motorcycles, tennis, and TV, but with socially valid action?

Wm. (Bill) S. Coperthwaite (pg 3 of A Handmade Life) The world will miss you!

Jan 9 2014
5:28 am
Tom writes:

I totally agree. Our life is less than exciting, focusing on working for somebody else and forgetting of our childhood dreams, adventures and discoveries. But we can change it. It all is in our hands. I’m the captain of my life. The important thing is to try to be rebellious in a way. Do not agree for any dull and uninspiring project, because the most important project is our lives.

Jan 18 2014
7:47 am
faciledecor writes:

It’s right. We should try to think like a children again and change that things we don’t like in our lifes, and we are the responsible of motivate ourselves.


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