February 20th, 2012
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[polka dot leaf, unaltered, found on my walk, Feb 19 2012]

A child raised to believe that a mountain is the abode of a protective spirit will be a profoundly different human being from a youth brought up to believe that a mountain is simply a pile of inert ore ready to be mined. A child raised to revere the coastal rainforest as the realm of the divine will be a different person from a child taught to believe that such forests are destined to be logged.

-Wade Davis, from his 2009 Massey Lecture, The Wayfinders:Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World

Feb 21 2012
7:04 pm
Gaia writes:

This is a White Oak leaf.

Feb 22 2012
1:12 am
Fire Dragon Woman writes:

YES! Oh yes, I agree with this lovely quote.

Feb 22 2012
8:23 am
kerismith writes:

hi jonny! (she types as she get up off the floor).

Feb 22 2012
11:04 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

Keri, you don’t need to get down on the floor when you speak to me, but it is a very interesting place to be. The floor is a different country and they/we do things differently there.

The thing that struck me reading this in “Great” Britain was the way US English uses the verb “raise” where UK English would use the verb “bring up”. Is there I difference? I think so but i’m not quite sure what it is. Do you ” raise” cattle in US English? With animals in the UK it’s has to be “rear”. So I’m guessing “raise” sounds a little more animal-like to my Brit ears.

I think the lesson we can learn from you and Mr. Cage, is that nearly everything can become interesting and beautiful if we give it enough attention.

Feb 22 2012
1:58 pm
folkscallmejonny writes:

Now it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

Feb 22 2012
10:32 pm
keri writes:

i’m canadian and therefore a part of your dominion. Me no speak US english.

Feb 23 2012
3:32 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

Keri, it’s very nice having you in the dominion. Do you” bring up” or “raise” your enfants?

Feb 23 2012
5:32 am
Still wrecking writes:

leaf a comment

Feb 23 2012
12:53 pm
Lives.On.A.RAINBOW writes:

Just made my day. I have a leaf sticking out of mu backpack at this moment. Co-in-ci-dence :))

Feb 27 2012
12:19 am
Sisy Anderson writes:

I just watched Wade Davis on TED talk : The Worldwide web of belief and ritual. The web of life is interconnected through meaning. Finding meaning between cultures requires an expansive mind that doesn’t get too hung up in the details or semantics. I find that we loose our sense of interconnectedness with out that broad expansive view.

Wayfinders of Polynesia are incredible at holding a balanced ability to see the details and read the expanse. A skill I hope to cultivate in myself and my children.

I will look up this lecture!

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