July 15th, 2010
the view

this is a view from our deck.

this is first day I actually feel normal again. more like myself. the new world around me does not seem so foreign and strange. i see glimpses of what it might be like to actually settle in. it was very challenging to plan for such a huge change for so long only to arrive and feel like someone hit you over the head with a truck. I searched in vain for deep breaths, my center was nowhere to be seen.

I have found them again. in little bits and pieces scattered here and there.

I think a list is in order.

things that are great about the west coast, noticed by me in the first week here:

1. the ocean air. I have had several very deep sleeps (the first I have had since I gave birth to my son over two years ago.) vivid dreams too.
2. my skin! it feels so incredible, not dry like usual. soft and moist.
3. the produce. I had an apricot that was to die for yesterday. great corn for dinner tonight.
4. everyone is so fit here, it seeps into your consciousness and makes you want to get out and move your body.
5. the flowers. my god the gardens bring tears to your eyes! I have stopped to smell so many flowers it’s amazing really.
6. the naam. my new favorite restaurant.
7. the totems. spent a morning at the museum of anthropology. highlights were the totems, the drums, and watching my son listen to headphones.
8. seeing the ocean every day.
9. foraging in the tide pools.
10. being invited to a party on our street with several other two year olds in attendance!

Jul 16 2010
5:21 am
Lisa writes:

Keri, it seems to be amazing living there! Just like a dream!
I always admire “Welcome” parties as a tradition in America. This is why I love to come for the Labor day, because of it’s neighboorhood afterparties)
After all, I wish you lots of inspiration and big beautiful garden!

Your fan from Moscow, Russia.

Jul 16 2010
1:57 pm
shannon writes:

hi keri hope you are okay see you soon

Jul 16 2010
1:58 pm
shannon writes:

kerri send me a picure of you on facebook look here i am

Jul 16 2010
2:05 pm
Lauren writes:

I was just in Deep Cove last weekend. It’s so lovely there. I absolutely love living in Vancouver. So refreshing for the soul. :)

Jul 16 2010
2:23 pm
susanne writes:

What a beautiful view! How blessed you are to have this new inspirational home :)

Jul 16 2010
3:50 pm
Taylor writes:

I am so happy that you are settling into your new home, Keri. Im so envous of the view from your family’s deck. :) Hope you find more interesting things on your adventures!

Jul 16 2010
5:13 pm
nina writes:

Happy to hear your landing has softened some. And a view of the ocean and the woods, how wonderful! I predict many incredible adventures ahead…

Jul 16 2010
7:41 pm
Carolyn writes:


Jul 16 2010
7:58 pm
Simone writes:

Welcome to the West Coast! I love kayaking in Deep Cove :) Your work is so inspiring, I hope you enjoy discovering your new space!

Jul 16 2010
10:41 pm
Florence writes:

Welcome to British Columbia!!! I am just south of you in White Rock. There is a huge art festival here this weekend if you can make it. There is more information on my blog if you think you would like to attend.

Jul 17 2010
12:37 am
Kris B. writes:

I was born in Washington State and have lived here most of my life. Thanks for reminding me of what’s so great about residing up here in the “northwest corner.”

Jul 17 2010
3:04 am
Julie writes:

Now that is a dream view!
A person could be content indeed to breathe in such natural beauty
I can’t wait to see how it inspires the artist in you

Jul 17 2010
6:42 pm
Amelia writes:

glad to hear you’re feeling better. What a wonderful view, positively better than what I see here in London, UK! :)


Jul 18 2010
4:58 pm
Cassy writes:

Welcome back to the West! So glad you’ve recovered. I’m equally in awe everyday living in San Francisco (when I remember to be). The anthropology museum you visited sounds interesting. I just posted about visiting a museum to spark creativity over at my blog “Create Wonder”. Thanks for always being an inspiration to wonder at the world. Congrats on your big move!

Jul 19 2010
12:59 am
Elizabeth [ aka eli ] writes:

it’s really amazing how nature is. its beauty makes me feel safe, welcomed, and simply happy. when im older, i plan on moving to an open space area. somewhere i can relax and feel wonderful. to breathe that air and feel refreshed. im sure you might look at this view everyday. i know i would. it’s so inspirational.

Jul 19 2010
6:16 am
Claire writes:

Hello! And I’m glad you are feeling better and a little more settled. Your view is beautiful. Is that part of the mainland you can see across the water or is it an island? We will be nearby soon! xx

Jul 19 2010
11:44 am
Michelle writes:

looks beautiful. change is good :)

Jul 19 2010
12:57 pm
Ann writes:

Tide pools are magical. I wish I too were within walking distance of one.

Jul 20 2010
12:10 pm
Deanne writes:

Welcome to the West coast! Sorry to hear that your first few days were so awful. Here’s to it being a fantastic experience from here on in. Enjoy the forest.

Jul 20 2010
6:27 pm
Karma writes:

So good to hear you made it to the coast safely, just sorry about the nasty yuk bug.

But, a bad dress rehearsal means a great show. Things are going to work out great now that you are recovering and starting your new adventure.

all the best

Jul 21 2010
3:44 pm
Sandra writes:

If you like the Naam and vegetarian offerings, try Rhizome (317 E. Broadway, at Main), Rada (on Main St. near the Georgia viaduct entrance but on the other side of the street), and Indian Fusion (2045 Londsdale).

As a resident Deep Cover, I’m glad to see a new creative spirit move in!

Jul 21 2010
11:12 pm
Kari writes:

Yesterday I busted my suspiciously gleeful one year old with a pen and a book, scribbling all over it. After a momentary panic that it was a library book, I was relieved to see it was your book. Being used how it should be! She just wanted to remind me How To Be An Explorer of the World I guess.
This prompted me to come to your website for the first time, where I discovered you just moved to my neck of the woods! And it all just seemed so cyclical and right.
So, welcome and happy new creative inspirations!

Jul 22 2010
6:25 am
Simon writes:

Hi Keri,

I just discovered your blog last night and was up reading it until 2 am. I have ordered two of your books and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. This blog is inspirational and has got me feeling ALIVE once more.

With regards to your quandary over educating your son read John Taylor Gatto’s book ‘Weapons of Mass Instruction’ , or look at his website: http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/ as much of what he says will resonate with your own views of Education that you’ve posted on this blog.

Right now my mind is abuzz as I’ve been reading Augusto Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ which, in a weird moment of synchronicity chimes in with much of the ideas you’ve been talking about on the blog: the idea that we are not just passive consumers, but can, and must be, active participants and producers in culture.

I love this blog – please, please, please keep at it.

BTW – the reason you’re sleeping better at night is due to partial pressure – there’s a greater volume of oxygen in the air than is in your lungs and therefore your lungs absorb it along a concentration-gradient which means a better night’s sleep.

Jul 22 2010
6:38 am
Simon writes:

P.S. Boal’s book is called ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’.

Jul 23 2010
10:47 am
Ramona writes:

oh. the Naam. I have had many a meal there whilst living in the city. welcome welcome welcome. glad to hear you are feeling better.

the west coast is truly remarkable.

Jul 23 2010
5:05 pm
pixie writes:

Woman, I’m so happy to see this post!! I can feel tension leaving your body as I read this….so happy for you all in your new digs…please hug a tree for me :)

Jul 24 2010
7:58 pm
natascha writes:

I hope you and your family are ok and enjoying that wonderful view. I wish you the best in this new adventure!

Jul 27 2010
5:33 pm
Miss K writes:

I just saw “Wreck This Journal” in the new J. Crew catalog. Congratulations!

Jul 27 2010
7:26 pm
kristaafaa writes:

damn, that looks awesome! hope you guys have fun there!

Jul 30 2010
8:48 am
Marco Raaphorst writes:

Naam is also a Dutch word for Name. Like that a lot.

Jul 31 2010
10:37 am
Alice Clair writes:

I love living in Vancouver. I live close to Deep Cove, just on the other side of the bridge. Have you visited Room 6 in Deep Cove yet? Amazing store!

So excited to hear that you’ve moved out West! I love your work and am quite inspired by it (I’m an illustrator/designer too – just graduated from Capilano University). The Naam is one of my favourite restaurants too, and I also highly recommend Organic Lives which is near Main and second.

Although I didn’t attend Emily Carr I know that it is a wonderful school, I hope you have a great time teaching there. Granville Island is my favourite place in Vancouver, you’re lucky to get to visit once a week to teach! Stop by Paper-Ya… another amazing store!

Aug 1 2010
10:24 am
Roland writes:

Susanne is so right: beautiful!

Aug 2 2010
3:39 pm
Leah Raine writes:

Your posts are like little bits of fresh air in my day… thank you!

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