Sitting down to write my X-Mas newsletter always gives me a chance to reflect on the past year as a whole, I like to look at it with new eyes, as if looking at the life of a close friend (sometimes it’s hard). I’ve learned that the only way to actually FEEL successful in life if to really stop, acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments. Too often we feel the weight (the pressure) of needing to get to a specific place on the path, I so easily get caught up in the rush forward to meet the goal thinking all along that that is were I really want to be. If only I can get "there", I will be set

So many times I have reached a goal and not stopped to actually feel the sense of satisfaction, instead it whooshed past as if in my peripheral vision. Old goals are quickly replaced by newer, "better" goals. I think we all feel so bogged down by the daily rush of routine that we don’t take the time to stop and see our life in the greater scheme of things, like a novel unfolding. Putting it into words allows us to see that our life does indeed make an interesting story, even the little things that might have seemed irrelevant at the time now make sense. I find this is where the daily Journaling really becomes a great gift to myself. Browsing through the pages we can see how incredibly powerful and fortunate we are.

As I look at my last year I feel good about…

A meandering road trip through eastern Canada, a night in Old Quebec city wandering aimlessly down narrow cobblestone streets, driving through New Brunswick along the river and a long trek around the Southern Peninsula of Nova Scotia (stopping in Halifax to stay with good friends.) I filled up on scallops, codfish, and lobster and became hopelessly addicted lupines.

You may think by now that I am a seasoned traveler (I am not). I really have to work at feeling comfortable while traveling, part of me wants to run home and crawl into my own familiar surroundings where I feel safe. But I believe in pushing my comfort zones and trying new things even if it is uncomfortable, this is how we grow. But I can still admit to major travel fears every time I go. It takes me a while to let go to the experience, but when I do it’s wonderful. 

I spent much of the summer finishing the final art for my new book, a huge accomplishment in itself, (there were about 50 pages of full color artwork). I got through it by doing one piece at a time and drinking endless cups of tea. (I actually lost some feeling in the tip of a finger temporarily). I also forced myself to go out into the garden and take in the sights. My vegetable garden was a huge success this year.

Career happenings…I started a new relationship with a literary agent, someone to share ideas with and brainstorm about potential directions. A vehicle for the large number of book ideas I want to get out into the world. I have several projects on the go, and continue to enjoy working with Miss Bea (who came to life sometime in June.). I had lots of great jobs with new and interesting clients, Hallmark, American Girl, Ford Motor Co., Teen People, etc.

I sang and danced my way through October and November by performing in a local production of the musical Oklahoma. It was a great experience that pushed me in so many ways, (performing, physical and singing ability, stamina, grieving). A sad note: The male lead was killed in a car accident the week after we finished the show. He is greatly missed by all.

How would YOU finish the sentence "When I look at the last year I feel good about…"?

I wish for you a calming season making snow angels, creating stuff for fun, and spending time with people who you are passionate about.


Favourite quote of the year:  "Take your pleasure seriously."  -Charles Eames

How to be the Buddha: step 1. Sit  step 2. Breathe.

Go grab  your journal and write something.