April 3, 2003
Spring has finally arrived to my area, (I hope).  It keeps teasing us with occasional flurries. I spent my Sunday afternoon visiting a friend's farm holding and bottle feeding an hour old baby sheep.  Life is good.  The farm has a way of putting things into perspective.  Almost as if to say, everything is as it should be.  If you can, visit a farm close to you.  You won't regret it...

For those of you who ask me, "how do you manage all those speaking engagements?", my latest article...

Warrior in Training -the Path of Sweaty Palms

New Stuff...
...The Wish Jar Tales main page has a new look.
...Bea has a new entry, start to see your surroundings with a new eye... Mystery Tea.
...How to make a living doing what you love has been permanently posted here.  Bookmark it and send it to your friends, it's free.

Working on... new product ideas...greeting cards...editorial work.

Reading... "One Writer's Beginnings" by Eudora Welty, Not a how-to book per sey, more like an autobiographical journey into the writer's background.  An intimate look into the roots of the writer, the chapter headings are quite simple but telling, "Listening", "Learning to See", "Finding a Voice".  I particularly responded to this passage:

It had been startling and disappointing to me to find out that story books had been written by people, that books were not natural wonders, coming up of themselves life grass.  Yet regardless of where they came from, I cannot remember a time when I was not in love with themówith the books themselves, cover and binding and the paper they were printed on, with their smell and their weight and with their possession in my arms, captured and carried off to myself.  Still illiterate, I was ready for them, committed to all the reading I could give them.

"Generica" by Will Ferguson.  (for the bookclub)  Starting it today.

Grateful for...Support from readers in the form of book sales...wet earth smells...pink tulips on my desk...a flooding basement (as you might recall we had no water for a few months)...working for myself...baby sheep.

Enjoying... To Do List Magazine As an avid list maker I am intrigued.
...Andrea has a lovely post about listmaking.  I am really enjoying her new blog.
...have you seen unique projects?  There are hundreds of free plans.
...To all you journal writers out there, a call for submissions for a magazine about diaries.
...Just as I am about to run out to get potting soil You Grow Girl puts out an excellent article on Starting Seeds.
...David Carol of CBC fame made my friend Linette an incredible c.d. which is rapidly making it's rounds around the village.  Notable songs include "Hallelujah" by Sam & Eddie (who is/was Sam & Eddie?  I can't find anything on them.  This song makes me smile every time and I'm not the religious type.) , "White Winos" by Louden Wainwright, "Crackstatic" by Ron Hawkins, "The Wedding" by Popcorn Behaviour, and "Tony" by Patti Griffin.  Two points: Where has Ron Hawkins been my whole life?  and *note to David, if you want another career option you can make my c.d.'s anyday, you rock!
...saw this treehouse in a store window while walking with my Dad one day last week.  We both gasped and remarked on how cool it was.  My Dad mentioned that my birthday was soon approaching.  Some things never change.  I got really excited and I'll be turning 33.

Films I recommend:
Focus  Based on an Arthur Miller novel, starring William H. Macy.  The story deals with the topic of prejudice in a way that seems to put you in the place of the main character.  I think it brings to light everyone's deepest fear, being wrongly persecuted, (or being persecuted for something you have no control over.)  While watching this film I kept asking my partner questions like "Why did some people during this time period dislike Jewish people?", obviously I did not grow up in that era.  I cannot grasp disliking someone for their religious beliefs and for that I am grateful.  Everyone should see this film.
The Cup -I could not find this film in the internet movie database.  I believe it is Tibetan.  A wonderful story about a sect of Tibetan monks who are really into soccer (football).  They persuade the Lama to let them rent a t.v. to watch the world cup.  The image of these monks hauling a satellite dish on a tractor is priceless.  A comedy of the highest form.  You will fall in love with the young actor who starts all the football frenzy.  "Inspired by true events."
Thomas in Love -A very unique story in the way it was filmed.  The main character suffers from Agoraphobia, you never actually see him.  What you do see is his communication via Visiphone with the outside world.  Very clever.  *warning: sexual scenes with animated characters.  Sci-fi genre.

Researching...Licensing, have I mentioned this already?  For some reason I get overwhelmed with this topic, yet I'm compelled to perservere.

Eating...shrimp salad with wasabi mayonaise and oranges...organic greens grown by my friend Steve on the farm...chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies made by ARNO.

creatively yours,

*The Wish Jar Tales are ©2003 Keri Smith