November 1st, 2002
A snow filled afternoon, and there are still many leaves on the trees.  This time of year is always one of my most creative times, something to do with the hibernating nature of it.  So for this month's article I thought it important to do a little digging into the "process"...

Grinding Ink -a writer's process


New Stuff...
...Time to start thinking about the X-mas season and Miss Bea is ahead of the game, ready to help you come up with some Alternative Holiday Gift Ideas
...also, she has a new outfit.

Working on... Trying to slow down the workload, Oklahoma performances start on Tuesday night and run for two weeks (yikes, I might be a little pooched.)  Any advice from other stage performers on how to survive will be greatly welcomed.  How do people do this for a living?  We had a dress rehearsal last night and I was exhausted after (maybe because I'm in 6 numbers, one with a minor stepdance routine?)  I spose it will be different with a live audience, more adrenaline.

Reading... "Critical Injuries" by Joan Barfoot (for the bookclub)

Grateful for... water, we have water again! (after two months) would not believe how good it feels to have a long hot bath right evening off...a good stew for tap shoes.

Enjoying... I quite like this store. site design at Pluxemburg.
...Lynda Barry recommends Acorn Planet for Chinese art supplies, (grinding stones).

Researching...the Four Treasures, there is something quite compelling about partaking in an artform that is thousands of years old and bring it into a new context.

Eating... pomegranates...asian snack mix...quick meals.

I wish for you a creative week full of daring moments.
creatively yours,

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