October 21, 2002
The air has turned chilly over the last few days.  I know winter is approaching because I now start my day sitting by the wood stove with a cup of tea. I find this time of year can be intensely creative, so many ideas flooding in, articles to write, x-mas gifts to create.  It is very easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

(A note about my article for this month: ironically Sark's newsletter topic this month was on this exact topic and I received it right after I finished this piece.  At first I felt disappointed, "I can't repeat the same topic, it just doesn't feel right."  (Hence the delay)  But on reflection I decided that if people are talking about this it is because it is an important subject that we all share.  Maybe I can offer something new to the table?  So here goes.) ...

Deep Breaths -Help for the Overwhelmed at heart


New Stuff...
...I got a piece into Print's Design Annual (for the Southwest division.) Yay!

Working on... Just finished a big job for American Girl Magazine (I really enjoyed illustrating for this age group!)...some cards I did for Hallmark (Shoebox) are just being released...Oklahoma has taken over my life, we are in rehearsals almost every night, (I'll let you know how the performances go.)

Reading... "Disobedience" by Jane Hamilton (for the bookclub), about a teenager who discovers his mother is having an affair after reading her email.  I'm slightly frustrated with the book, but compelled to read on.  My biggest issue, "how many 17 yr. old boys can even contemplate their mother's having sex, never mind obsess about it?"

Grateful for... I received a beautiful necklace as a gift from Amanda, thank you...the wonderful jobs that keep pouring in...my woodstove...lunch with my favourite teacher (now friend) from art school...shopping at a really cool health food store.

Enjoying... My creative/life partner Arno has revamped his site.  There are even photos of our new barn studio.
...I love the look of Andy Pressman's site.
...rented My First Mister last night (you can gain a little insight into my high school years by viewing it.  I looked & acted very much like the main character.)
...massages (I'm currently treating myself to one a week.)
...Burt's Bees Avocado Hair Treatment

Researching...Hildegard Von Bingen, an 12C nun/mystic who suffered from migraines.  (I recently had a "visual" migraine which she describes in her books in great detail, sometimes as a "gift".  So I'm trying to be open minded about it.  I've had migraines since I was 9.)

Eating...Organic Chicken soup...seaweed rice crackers (addictive).

I wish for you a few hours spent with a good book that you can't put down.
creatively yours,

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