August 22, 2002
Yes, it's been a while. I've been somewhat consumed with the task of putting the Wish Jar Tales into a new and smart looking format (which was originally going to be with Moveable Type but I got overwhelmed with the learning curve.)  So after a month of small fits and spurts, I finally just decided to "do what I know works", and here it is.  The new format contains a few archives of past editions (I only have a few months worth), but this will allow new readers to be introduced to the newsletter and hopefully enjoy editions they might have missed.  Soon I will change the format of the wish jar tales themselves, but one thing at a time, eh?

What is it about August that makes us procrastinate so?  I've talked to many artists recently that are in the same head space as I am, putting things off all over the place only to feel like nothing is getting done and then sulking about it.  Here's my latest journal excerpt partly on this topic:
Journal Excerpts -Fast Acting


New Stuff...
A new page in Bea's Diary (she's getting crafty)...

...a recent interview for The Possibilities Project

Working... on greeting cards, a couple of editorial pieces, harvesting tomatoes and zucchini.

Reading... "The Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouac...what a great summer read, this book makes you want to don a backpack and hike off into the great unknown with intuition as your guide.  (if only I was a bit less controlling...i'm one of those who never gets a good sleep I envy Jack's ability to sleep BETTER under the stars.)
"Satori in Paris" also by Kerouac, written much later in his life...he seems to have lost his childlike view of the world and is more clouded by drink. (not recommended)
"Hannah's Gift" by Maria Housden...a painful story about a woman dealing with the death of her 3 year old, very moving, helpful for people with grief issues...(kleenex necessary, it's a bawler.)
"The Diviners" by Margaret Lawrence...I was going to buy her biography but I read a quote from her that said, "When I die if people want to know about me I would rather that they read my work than my biography."  So I moved to the fiction section.  "The Stone Angel" is one of my favourite books of all time.

Grateful for... cool breezes and rain after a long heat spell and drought...Glenn work...

Enjoying... I'm planning a trip to The Mattress Factory
i love visual stories, check out The Ganzfeld
This is a great find, sketchbooks.

Researching... Margaret Killgallen... blue herons...meditation.

I wish for you many awake moments, the kind where you feel the day smacks you into the present moment.
creatively yours,

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