Greetings M'dears,
Spring has finally arrived and I'm reveling in it!  I wanted to introduce you to a new character that I'm working on.  I present you with Miss Beatrice.

Working...on fun stuff...my new product line...finishing the barn studio.

Reading..."Kingfisher Days" -Susan Coyne...a charming memoir of a young girls days at the cottage where she receives letters from a fairy princess (which are actually written by her older neighbor Mr. Moir).

Grateful for...my purple hammock coming out of the basement...a Sunday spent canoeing and hanging out with local wildlife...tired happy feels.

Craving...chutney (I have a new onion recipe I'm addicted to)...drive ins...swimming in the local pond.

Enjoying...  I had fun with Angela Annaconda
I really enjoyed the film "Life as a House"
These are some cute books, love the illustrations!

Hope you are enjoying the fresh smells of the season (thawed earth, cedar, fresh air) as I am.  (For those of you in Australia, enjoy the great fall colours!)
creatively yours,

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