Still working on "facing the fears", letting out my neuroses for all to see...  http://www.kerismith.com/WishJarTales/journalex.htm

I just heard that actor Judy Dench after every film goes into a panic that she will never get another film offer ever.  It seems that even the highly  successful are plagued by insecurity.  Somehow I like knowing that.

Winter here has not yet released it's grip, so I've graced my surroundings with hyacinth bulbs just to keep those spring feels.  Endless pots of green tea, herbal gardening books, my yoga dvd, and oriental salads with sesame vinaigrette are keeping my dreams for greener days alive.

Working...on several illustration jobs, a new product idea, my journal, a lecture for high school students called "Letting Yourself Soar" (nerves be gone), and a new promotional mailing.

Reading..."The Forest for the Trees -an editor's advice to writers" by Betsy Lerner (you'll see why when you read the article.), "Anatomy of a Rose -exploring the hidden life of flowers" by ? (for my bookclub).

Grateful for...occasional bouts of courage... a warm house...mangoes...clean teeth...fun mail from friends...new pens.

Craving...comfort food (on the healthy side)...sun...bikes...green.

Deciding...whether to add some more journal pages to the website.

Enjoying... The Yoga Journal  -explains the subtleties between upward facing dog and cobra pose.
Anita Roddick  -I admire her fortitude, don't you?
Have your tea leaves read  -your fortune awaits
Found Magazine -Having been a closet found stuff collector for years, I love this idea!
Designer Andrea Zittel -I now want to buy a tiny camper and fix it up for a portable cottage.  Also the "rug furniture" is genius.

Hoping you are keeping your energy up while you wait for evenings spent skipping stones and naming the stars.  I've also started another list of things I want to do in the next few years just for fun, what's on yours?
most creatively yours,

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