The Magic Cottage 

“Gaining a wider perspective is like opening a window into a stuffy room- the whole atmosphere changes and the fresh breeze carries alternatives to our habitual ways of reacting.”  --Tarthang Tulku 

   Just over a year ago I bought a house in the country, picked up and moved everything I owned from a big city (of 2 million), to a village of 700 people.  It was something I had to do, I was led here for some reason.  Fears abounded, friends lamented, banks recoiled.  But I did it anyway.  And I have created a life here, one that is full of magic, wonder, success, calm, comfort, good food, friendship, bright moonlight, stars, poetry, pajamas, ponds, wildlife, inspiration, and muddy boots. 

   There is a different kind of abundant energy here than what I found in the city.  Not better or worse, just different... quieter.  It is to be found at certain times, early morning when the sun is coming up when I seem to be alone with the trees, or on those nights when the moon is so bright it seems to light your path.  It is at these times when I feel energized and I know beyond all else that I did the right thing. 

   The century old house was quickly referred to as the “Magic Cottage” after I had read “Inspiration Sandwich” by author Sark, in which she talks about the trials and tribulations of acquiring her own “magic cottage”.  Later I attempted to rename it to “Moon Cottage” because of the powerful moonlight that fills the bedroom window nightly.  This name however was not destined to be, as friends and family had already latched on to the magical image that I had previously presented. 

   Many people have since asked me, “Why is it magic?”, to which I happily reply, “Because I make it so.”  Anyone can make their dwelling magic by breathing life into it regularly, stirring up the energy, and doing something different whenever the mood hits.  Change is necessary, new colours, fresh flowers, a bit of paint, some stars, comfort smells.  My favourite aunt gave me a mantra when I was very young, “Cheap and Cheerful”, teaching me early on that shifting your perception didn’t require much money (if any at all).  She demonstrated this by regularly changing the tablecloths thus transforming the room, small changes are sometimes the most fulfilling.  To this day I have a thing for new tablecloths.  I try to use what I can find outside to create new life indoors, make shelves out of branches, place hydrangeas in an old green enameled coffee pot, paint an old junk chair blue, fill a bowl with apples and pears. 

   The key is in understanding that you have the power to create magic whenever necessary.  I have a friend who is a wonderful storyteller.  When she reads to children she always brings her “Magic Fairy Dust” to throw into the air before the story starts, (some sparkles she bought at a local craft supply store.)  One day she was in a rush to get to a reading and forgot the magic powder.  She told me, “I had to run home to get it for some reason, the experience just wouldn’t be the same without it. The children believe it’s real, and lately so do I!”  This simple belief turned the experience into something “magical” for everyone. 

 By simply calling my home “The Magic Cottage” it has really taken on a whole new meaning, something very powerful.  I now challenge you to create abundant magic in your own life, small changes in your surroundings help to shift your perspective and create new meaning .  Just a few words, a new tablecloth... a belief is all it takes. 
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