February 5th, 2007
day 5-white things (and technically a few black and white things)

“If you will cling to Nature, to the simple in Nature, to the little things that hardly anyone sees, and that can so unexpectedly become big and beyond measuring; if you have this love of inconsiderable things and seek quite simply, as one who serves, to win the confidence of what seems poor: then everything will become easier, more coherent and somehow more conciliatory for you, not in your intellect, perhaps, which lags marveling behind, but in your inmost consciousness, waking and cognizance.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Feb 5 2007
11:02 am
shari writes:

i’m loving this project! the quote is beautiful too. my cat’s name is rilke. :)

Feb 5 2007
12:09 pm
kristine writes:

I love this!

Feb 5 2007
5:22 pm
desmene writes:

Got to know… your favorite white pens!!
love your blog…

Feb 5 2007
7:33 pm
Lu writes:

How funky fresh is this?!

Feb 5 2007
7:56 pm
Brianna writes:

Love that quote. May I share it with friends and on my blog?

Feb 6 2007
9:37 am
keri smith writes:

my favorite white pens (actually the only ones i could find):
sharpie poster paint, extra fine point -really what i use to draw with
liquid paper correction pen -no control, only good for larger areas
if you have any suggestions I’d love to try them.

Feb 6 2007
1:28 pm
nina writes:

ok, keri. once again…my mother gave me that quote when i was turning 16 and said it would mean a lot soon…it did and it does.

Feb 6 2007
10:07 pm
Gayla writes:

These sample pages are really great. I am really drawn to the gouache circles of colour and the ink scribbles. Purposeful scribbles.

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