February 3rd, 2007
day 3-things that stick

Feb 3 2007
1:47 pm
Rita writes:

This hits all my Virgo buttons. Neat idea!

Feb 3 2007
3:53 pm
ALexandra writes:

Your creative ingenuity and resourcefulness is just amazing.

Feb 3 2007
4:33 pm
Caroline writes:

Hi Keri — I’m a little late with this comment regarding getting your driver’s license but I must tell you my tale which hopefully will be a source of inspiration for you.
I grew up in Vancouver and rode the bus (yuck) for 25 odd yrs. I don’t know how many hrs of my life I spent waiting for and then barely tolerating the monotony of that stinky, slow form of transport(my apologies to those who like taking the bus). Mostly this was due to the fact that my mom never had a car while my father drove a mercedes but that’s another story. From 20 to 25, I lived in a tiny fishing village on the West Coast and drove a boat, which I felt very proud of but eventually I moved back to the city and was once again riding the bus. Around the age of 27, I met a guy who first of all, forced me to ride a bike, liberating me from the transit system and then…..taught me to drive a car! I owe this man a lot. It took me a long time to learn which included a road trip across Canada with just a learner’s license – I’m sure that I was and remain the only person who ever white knuckled it while driving through the prairies! Anyway, after a couple of years and many renewed learner’s, I finally took the test, passed it and got my license — it was definetly a milestone in my life. You go for it girl — there is nothing like the feeling of throwing a bag in the car and heading for the wide open trails…. make sure you take a road trip through the Rockies. Having said all of that and in light of global warming I must say that I wish that we all drove less and that we should all drive responsibly/consciously with this serious problem in mind.

Feb 3 2007
10:23 pm
Jenna writes:

It befuddles me,
how you can make something as simple or ordinary as things that stick,
It befuddles me,
how you can make them so beautiful.
Teach me.

Feb 6 2007
11:26 am
Zoe writes:

It’s so simple and yet so effective.

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