March 14th, 2006

Things learned while collecting found objects on the beach.
1. As your eyes scour the sand you may become quickly overtaken by an obsessive quest to find the most interesting, unique item. Though sometimes it is the simplest of things (or group of things) that are the most satisfying.
2. Always carry a bag of some sort. You will usually collect more that will fit in your pockets.
3. Pay attention to the following attributes…color, texture, contrast, size, shape.
4. When combing the beach it is easy to get lost (and obsessed) in looking at the ground. It is important to stop every now and then to look out at the water.* (*failure to do so may also result in wet feet.)
5. Always check items for inhabitants.
6. It’s fun to bring a friend so you can compare your finds.

March 8th, 2006

I wish the big art galleries would make a special pass for people who only want to look at two or three pieces at a time. They could call it the

March 6th, 2006

Regular readers have by now noticed that I do mention pms on a regular basis, So I’ve created something to help those of us who struggle with debilatating moods caused by extreme hormones. Tracking has become a necessity in my household, and i find i really enjoy the charting of things. Expect some more chart like items (as well as other paper products in the near future).
Read the story and get your own here.
printing done by the wonderful pinball publishing.
wow! I cannot believe the response to this, i have been literally flooded with orders and am scrambling to keep up, (they seem to come in by the minute). thank you all so much for you support. it seems I have touched on a subject that is somewhat ignored, or that we don’t talk about enough. to be honest I thought that being an extreme case (pms) was uncommon, when I talk to other women I sometimes get the sense that my case is unique. but apparently there are a lot of us out there. When the orders slow down I am going to post (on a seperate page) the variety of remedies that are being sent in.
p.s. All proceeds are going to fund printing costs for new projects just like this one.

March 2nd, 2006

It is 9:03 in the morning and I don’t know what to write about. The mind leaps from subject to subject (the mess on the desk, the iris in the garden, a dream about a haunted house), and then wonders “why write if there is nothing that needs to be said?” Practice, my dear. The mind doesn’t always know it has something to say until the words start moving through the fingers. I spose sometimes I tire of hearing my own words, not thinking them interesting or particularly colorful. But then every artist feels this, moving through phases, in and out of feeling content with one’s content* (*she writes smirking). Rather than ask is it interesting, one might better ask “is it truthful?”
“When I’m writing in my notebook early in the morning, whose applause do I want to hear? If the words come from my heart, stripped of artifice and the need to impress, it doesn’t matter. But when I try to make these sentences look handsome, everything’s lost. I didn’t get up before dawn to watch a middle-aged man admire himself in the mirror. Is that a new shirt he’s wearing? I’m not impressed. Naked, I tell him. Naked is all I care about. And I don’t mean naked except for your underwear. And I don’t mean naked except for your charming smile.” ~Sy Safransky
she breathes a *sigh* of understanding. (pun intended)

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