February 7th, 2006

-a dog in a car strains to keep his head out the window
-a pile of huge pink blossoms (a variety I’ve never seen before) on the street
-girls in matching rose ponchos doing cartwheels on the green while I sit eating a veggie dog
-i sit in a tshirt, the sun is so warm today, like summer (except it is actually winter). I smell the grass and remember spring in Toronto, beer on patios.
-3:20 the Arboretum, looking for the last of the sun. Moving positions to meet it. Sometimes it is good to be homeless for a day.
-an old man with a bald head sits watching the ducks. I wonder what his story is. Only with age do we have the time to sit and just watch. He pulls out a pen and begins jotting things down on a small notepad, (just as I am doing), pausing for a moment to formulate a thought. a writer? A grey sunhat rests on the bend of his knee, his legs crossed. He rubs his earlobe.
-two small children run up to the ducks and yell “boo!”
-the dampness of the ground seeps into the elbows of my jacket, the sun moves behind the clouds and I feel a temporary chill. I think about what I would like for dinner.
-a nap. I drift off to the distant sounds of walkers and couples conversing, as if in a tunnel. when I wake I am chilly. the sun is setting over the redwood trees. A girl sitting on a blanket talks on the phone and nurses a sucker. She is wearing sunglasses. This is her office, where she does all her business apparently. Time to put on a certain green sweater, the one with the holes in the elbows. I set off in search of tea.
-Morroccan mint. Immersed in a book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I wander around the damp streets of Barcelona for a few hours.
-6pm Noodle City, which has the best Kim Chee I’ve ever had. I slurp mustard greens & chicken noodle soup.
-walking past Chipotle I spot the Lone Ranger & Tonto eating burritos. Their horses (of the hobby variety) are leaned up against the window, resting from a long day of fighting masked mauraders. Their dad sits next to them and notices my attempt to conceal a smile.
-in a dark theatre I sit through too many commercials before the fim starts. Capote. I feel like i already know the characters intimately having just finished the book. All except Truman himself, the missing piece of the story. The film completes the experience.
-I ride home with my super powerful light illuminating the bumps in the road, pulling the sleeves of my sweater over my hands to keep them from freezing. Looking forward to my warm bed and a few more pages of my book.

February 3rd, 2006

make a movie with your eyes.

February 2nd, 2006

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February 1st, 2006

This is a reproduction of a piece that hangs in the living room at my friends Steve and Cythia’s house (the original reads “THIS IS RIDICULOUS”. I altered it and hung it on my living room wall last night when they came for dinner). The artist is Tucker Nichols, and I am now a huge fan of his work.
Steve and Cynthia are also wonderful artists, they have so many great ideas in the works I don’t even know where to begin. See for yourself.
Steve is the founder of The Anti-Advertising Agency, as well as one of the contributors to Stay Free Magazine, (yay I am not alone in my anti-advertising sentiments).
disclaimer: The author is not affiliated in any way with any of the aforementioned websites. Nor does she recieve any funding, in the form of cash, free gifts, charity donations, etc. for a recommendation on this site. Unless you count the ice cream they brought for dessert.

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