August 3rd, 2005

A trip to the mail wearing this flowery old skirt that my friend David gave to me a few years ago, (his mother sewed it sometime in the 1930′s.) There is a letter from Christine in a yellow envelope. I walk along the street reading some pages that were photocopied from a book, looking up now and then to make sure I don’t hit anything, or that nothing hits me. I have a habit of walking and reading, partly due to the great mail I recieve on a regular basis, I don’t like to wait to read it.
The photocopy reads
“We will live in a home with no walls, so that everywhere we go will be our home. I wasn’t trying to invent better and better homes, but to show her that homes didn’t matter, we could live in any home, in any city, in any country, in any century, and be happy, as if the world were just what we lived in.”
I had been writing to Christine about how our new place in California was lacking in beauty, (and character), and how this was difficult for me as I have been living in my ‘dream’ home for several years now. Most of the good homes were rented in May, so we had to take something more “practical” and within our budget, (read: 1970′s architecture). So I have been struggling with how to create a home in a space that feels uninspiring. Along the way I realized that it will never be ‘beautiful’ in the way that I wish it to (we don’t have much money to decorate), but it could be… interesting.
I remembered that I had always wanted to be more experimental with my home, (but my current one is so charming there was no need to ‘push the boundaries.) My head started to swim with thoughts of art installations, ink drawings and minimalist paintings. Things I could do for free. Color. i could do a clothespin photo installation. or a zen rock garden. a wall of found objects, only blue things. big chalkboards, that change everyday. painted tin cans with herbs (idea via gayla). And slowly I started to get excited. very excited. I don’t have to worry about what a house should look like because I am starting from scratch.
now I can’t wait to get started. four weeks and counting.
any and all ideas are welcome.
p.s. does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap functional sewing machine? (i fear my old portable one will cost a fortune in shipping weight.)

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