May 3rd, 2005
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In every bookstore, small or large, there are books we have not read; books which may have messages of unsuspected beauty or importance. They may be new books, they may be of yesterday, or of long ago.
The store where you found this volume exists in the hope of knowing–and learning–about books. There is no habit more valuable than that of dropping into a bookstore occasionally to look round–to look both inward and outward.
“We have what you need, though you may not know you need it.”

-the Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley, 1919

May 2nd, 2005
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…a hike up to the peak of old baldy, the path scattered with thousands of wild leeks and trillums just waiting to bloom.
…venturing into a small cave with running water. (remembering my cave fear uncovered in the catacombs of paris.)
…a giant hawk swirling in circles just out of reach.
…a hot shower after a cold run.
…a gathering of friends, a soccer game before dinner, a feast, laughing at stories about regrettable massages in foreign countries.
…watching sheep grazing on an idyllic hill, a rooster pecks at the ground nearby.
…three year old Zoe’s uncontrollable giggle.
…the house filled with live flamenco guitar.
…thoughts of Granada, Spain.
…Faulkner’s made up words. (I can find no definition for “uninferant”.)
satellite views of anywhere in the world, well not quite it seems. (just type in your address and click on “satellite”) scary yet addictive.

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