November 2nd, 2004
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Madison, WI
…the plains of Nebraska
…tumble weeds (i had only seen them in movies previously)
…large sprinklers that look like monsters, with a pointy head and a long skeletal frame.
…flat, flat, flat.
…broken sleep on the roadside, trucks driving way too fast. no snow.
…Mike gets a speeding ticket for doing 88 in a 75 zone.
…sleep deprevation kicks in, a search for Kinkos begins.
…dinner in Lincoln Nebraska at a fabulous Indian restaurant. I have an okra based dish.
…we had aquired a free gift certificate for a large chain and decided to use it to buy Halloween costumes and make the most of it while on the road. (we each have half and hour and $8.00.) I am a superhero, Jeff is a vampire/zombie, and Mike is a reindeer.
…we drive on to Omaha, it is late, we are all overtired. cranky feels set in. i did not want to sleep in a business complex in front of someone’s office, so we find a more deserted place and set up camp. a few tears on my part. i am not used to camping in an urban environment and I find I do not like it at all. hard to sleep when I feel I could be woken up by someone at any moment. It actually gives one a good taste of what it would be like to really be homeless. And so I think about that for a long while and my heart swells.
Travelling seems more difficult when you are on the move all of the time. There is little chance to sit and take things in. In the car everything swims past but nothing is contemplated for too long. One does have a lot of time to think, (until delirium sets in that is.)
Travel Games We Played…
“What shapes can you make out of chips?”
“Not Friends” -name two animals or humans who would not be good friends
“Who do I look more like?” -give two candidates who look nothing like you
“Humzinger” -hum a song and let the other people guess what it is
“On my road trip I brought” -memory game, one person starts, each person adds to the list
more good things…
…hot english breakfast tea
…a few hours spent by myself. (Mike and Jeff are canvasing for the election trying to get people out to vote. I had some work to do and wanted some Keri time, as opposed to Kerry time. Also being a Canadian it feels a little strange to get so involved in this country’s politics, even though i have many strong feelings about it all.)
…exploring cute neighborhoods in WI.
…time spent with more friends laughing until late, eating fabulous bean soup with foccacia and goat’s cheese.
…a warm bed and a hot shower. I am renewed.
…new music, Andrew Bird, the Waifs, Fiona Apple
only eleven hours to the Canadian border.

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